I didn’t know what was happening. I once was told that when an angel’s wings were removed, their soul went before God for a meeting, and God determined where that soul would rest; either in a forgotten wasteland, or in peace within heaven’s gates, basically retired. But I watched as my body was being wheeled into a hospital, and I could hear people shouting and yelling, Doctors demanding blood, requests for extra nurses. Still, I could not move or utter a word.

  ‘How did I get here? Wait…there’s Russell, and the others from the FBI…what is going on here?’ I remembered that Belial killed me, at least, but it was all remembered.

Then from beside me, came a bright glow. ‘Michael…do you remember me, and what I do?’ she asked. ‘I am Azrael.’

  ‘Yes, I remember…’ I said in my mind. ‘Ariel said you help in the transition between life and death.’

  ‘That’s correct, Michael…you haven’t died just yet. But you will, in human form. God wants to see you, and it’s the only way’, she insisted.

She hears me, and I hear her, why the hell couldn’t anyone else? ‘I want Ariel!’ I demanded over and over in my mind.

  ‘No, that’s not possible’, she explained.

  ‘I can’t leave Ariel!’ I shouted – or at least tried to. ‘Not now, they will come for her, kill her…and the babies!’

  ‘This is God’s way…when your body gives up, and is dead, we will be allowed to pass’.

  ‘What the hell happened, anyway?’ I asked Azrael.

  ‘During the Dark Hours, God’s powers are weaker than at any other time. He had started working on getting you help, and sent as many of us Light Angels to you as possible…it took longer than usual, because of the Dark Hours, and if not for Belial’s arrogance they would not have made it in time. You would no longer exist in any form. What were you thinking, trying to take on Belial without all of your abilities?’ she asked. ‘It is only thanks to Russell…and half the FBI…helping us, that we were able to get you out of there before Belial had a chance to finish you off. Though I have to admit it was one hell of a fight.’ Azrael laughed. ‘That guy really doesn’t like you!’

  ‘Gabriel…’ I asked, ‘is he…?’

  ‘Yes, Michael, we were too late.’ Azrael answered.

Our conversation was interrupted, as I saw Ariel being led into the area outside of the room where my body was. Her parents and Russell were there, trying to keep her from breaking down the door to get inside the room with me. I could not hear anything, but it broke my heart to see her weep that way, knowing this was all my fault. And I couldn’t even apologize, nor did I think I would have a chance to make it right.

I noticed everyone who had been running around frantic, now seemed to be slowing down. Machines were being turned off and equipment put away. I watched as the one doctor removed his gloves and looked at his watch, then turned and headed out the door to where Ariel was waiting.

Azrael grabbed my hand, saying, ‘It’s time, we can go now’.

But I begged her for a few more minutes. ‘It could be the last time I ever see her…please. Surely he will understand!’ She released her grip as Ariel was escorted in by Russell. Everyone else waited outside in the emergency room.

Ariel tried to dry her tears long enough to get one last look at her Michael.


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved



Mastema!” I cried out Damion’s demonic name, as I walked toward where he was penned, begging already, with blood pouring from his shoulder. “I see you were in the middle of something…”

Mastema only glared up at me, but groaned in discomfort as I began to remove my sword from the wall, just enough to let him drop to the ground. His body hit the floor hard, but my sword remained buried inside him. Russell was removing the third set of wings from the last demon, and we watched as one by one all three started to turn to ash, their souls being sent to go before God for judgment.

“You should have been dead, Michael!” Mastema now screamed. “God broke the rules…he has no honor!”

“Well, I don’t look at it that way…” I preached. “Let’s see…Abbadon killed Temeluch. Abbadon declared war without provocation. Abbadon…and Belial…tried to assassinate me in human form, while I had no powers. Oh…and lets not forget, he sent demons to find me, my wife, and my unborn children…and attempted to kill us all.”

“So, it is true,” Mastema said in shock. “There are chosen ones… Vassago was right.”

“Yes,” I confessed. “And I assure you all that I will pave the way for their birth, and none of you will stand in the way of the future.”

Again God broke the rules!” Mastema shouted at me. “ But, it’s begun…man is too far gone now…you know this. There is too much evil in their hearts, and doubt in their minds. Your God will fail you, and you will die!” Mastema insisted.


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved



What the hell?!” Abbadon screamed, when he walked in and caught sight of the mess that once was Mastema. His voice could be heard all throughout the belly of Hell. echoing through the caves. “We finally have a chance at finishing what Lucifer never could, and one fuck up can ruin it all!? Belial!!” Belial walked in as Mastema’s wing was being cauterized by Abbadon. “He’s back for sure…” Abbadon said to him. “And, from what I hear, he’s stronger than ever.”

“So what,” Belial boasted. “We have mankind eating out of our hands…which means God’s powers are fading, with every soul we sway. And as for the bastard child, I’ll take a small army and dispose of him immediately.

Mastema pipped up, “He is stronger than the legends say…he took out a small army. I understand he has already taken out several small armies today, not just mine. And the word on the street is that angels are being sent by the dozens to aid him in his quest.”

Abbadon, to Belial’s displeasure, had no choice but to follow his age and wisdom and agree that Michael was an issue, but not the target. “We must stay focused, and find the mother of the chosen ones,” he said. “God is getting weaker by the day…he will not be able to keep her location secret for long.”

Belial was noticeably disturbed by the decision, and stressed his concern, “I can deal with him…just give me the chance!” he begged.

“No. we stay focused,” Abbadon demanded. “I want to be walking into the holy gates by the turn of the full moon. As man pulls away from him, he weakens, and even if we can’t find her in time it won’t matter anyway. God will fall at my feet as a weak, old man! Neither Michael nor the chosen ones will be able to stop us!”

Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved



As we turned the corner down sixth avenue, the graffiti and trash-lined streets said all that needed to be said. We got stares from everyone, and even a few fingers telling us we were number one. When the suburban came to rest outside of a large house on the curb, I insisted the agent from California – whose name I didn’t even want to know, for his own good – stay in the SUV with one of my soldiers as I and Sahaqiel went into the house.

I jumped out, with Sahaqiel right on my heels, but before we could even make it to the door we encountered our first resistance from the damned souls made to serve the demons as slaves. Still, little challenge was involved in getting past these few guards protecting the house, and once we were inside the slaves offered up little fight. We made our way through the screaming and the confusion, with me feeling no remorse in releasing the damned of their debt with the power of my sword, until finally I was face to face to face with an ugly demon.

“I only wanted to talk to you,” I insisted “It doesn’t have to go down like this.” I wasn’t sure what he was thinking as he charged at me with his ax in hand, but he was no match for my sword, and in seconds it found its way deep inside his chest. His body fell at my feet, and with one slice his head rolled across the floor. I asked Sahaqiel to remove his wings as I grabbed his head and walked outside.

“It ends tonight!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as I held the head high in the air. “Any demon that doesn’t change his ways will meet the same fate! I am Michael, warrior of the heavens and guardian of mankind, and I will not rest until mankind is free of the intervention of evil!”


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved