Guardian Of The Sheep_Excerpts


Since the beginning, mankind has butchered, modified, and grossly misunderstood the meaning of religion. There is a heaven and a hell, and earth has and will always be the battlefield. We are all born as good souls – angels in training, so to speak. We are all given free will, and the ability to decipher right from wrong.

Now, the Lord does not interfere with free will, that is the work of the angels, and even they have rules to follow. There are Light Angels and Dark Angels among us at all times. The Light Angels try to lead us all in the right direction, and advise us as we let them, and the Dark Angels do just the opposite; they try to manipulate mankind into evil.

In 1942, Lucifer began to see his worst fears coming true, mankind seemed to hold more good than evil in their hearts, and he and his Dark Angels were struggling to gain souls. The rules were broken for the last time when Lucifer took on human form and entered the world, committing unthinkable acts of cruelty and genocide, and with very little effort turning many good men evil.

Throughout mankind’s existence on earth, whenever Lucifer or the Dark Angels would interfere with the freewill of mankind, the Lord would send his patriarch angel, Michael, to earth in human form to restore the balance between good and evil. This time when Lucifer broke the rules by taking on human form the Lord, furious at his interference with man’s free will, directed Michael to open heaven’s gates and take no prisoners of evil. In a great battle, Michael defeated Lucifer’s army, killed many Dark Angels, and slayed Lucifer, then drug their souls to heaven for God to deal with. Removing an angel’s wings destroys the body, and disintegrates the soul, never to be usable again.

The Lord took what Michael had left of Lucifer and showed no mercy as he obliterated his once powerful equal. But Abbadon, a great, dark warrior of death and destruction, and Lucifer’s most powerful Dark Angel, escaped during the battle. Over the next fifty years, as a calm settled over the earth and mankind, Abbadon worked with the remaining forces of Dark Angels to gain strength, and structure their ranks, creating a unity in Hell that had not been seen since Lucifer’s demise.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton