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  “I have a shot!” I called out, but Charles motioned me to hold; he was trying to talk to the nut, talk him down, by making him a promise of help and a lesser sentence if he backed down, hoping to give SWAT long enough to get in place.

  But the suspect looked directly at me as he spoke; “All good will be evil, or be dead. It is happening every day. Maybe this will open your eyes!”

  Then he fired his gun, and I saw Charles thrown backwards with blood pouring from his chest. Without a second thought, I fired a double tap from my firearm directly to the suspect’s skull, knocking him backwards and away from the young girl he was using as a shield, then ran over to Charles, even as backup found their way into the dark barn. Quickly applying pressure to the entry wound at his heart, I yelled at him, “Hang on! Help will be here soon!”

  But it was already too late; he took his last breath there in my arms. As everyone rushed around, getting the girls untied and out of the barn, away from the scene, I stayed, holding my partner. So many thoughts were going through my mind; ‘Something like this should not have happened to Charles, he was a good man. Why didn’t the suspect try to take me out? I had the shot. It doesn’t make sense, he had to know I would kill him if he took out my partner, or even one of the girls!’ So many things just weren’t making sense to me right now.

  The paramedics finally arrived on the scene. They checked Charles’ vital signs, confirming what I already knew; the loss of blood after the direct hit to the heart…it was too late. John helped me up, saying, “Let’s go…get him out of here before the press gets here. I don’t want Sara finding out about this from some media clip, it’s not right.”

  He took my weapon, for the investigation which would follow, and walked with me out of the barn. In an effort to redirect my thoughts, he took me over to the girls, thankfully both alive; noticeably beaten, and possibly even sexually assaulted, but alive. I wondered if either girl would ever have a chance at anything remotely resembling a normal life.

  “John, I need to be the one to tell Sara, is that ok?”

  “I don’t think it is a good idea, but I will not stop you.” he said.

  I was now realizing what the next seven to ten days would bring; administrative leave, visits to the shrink, and a lot of questions from Internal Affairs. Like things aren’t hard enough for someone in this position, you get grilled and questioned. I knew Sara was at home, she stayed home and took care of the house and their kids, and as I rode with a black and white to Charles’ house, I remembered thinking that they had such a perfect life, and in seconds it went to hell. The whole way, I was going over in my mind what I was going to tell her; I’ve done this before, but never for someone so close to me – maybe I should have listened to the chief. I wasn’t sure I could handle all the emotions that were about to take place, but I knew I was right in the middle of it, and there was no getting out now. After all, he was my only real friend, and he’d always made me feel like family.


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

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Tyler paused, then added with look of confusion, “This is truly uncharted waters…and, you’re both going to think I’m crazy…but, I believe the babies are controlling the dreams.”

  “Well yes, they are!” Ariel shouted. “Didn’t you hear what I said? Temeluch is using them to guide us.”

  “Wait a minute!” I shouted.

  Ariel interrupted me there, “Michael…it all makes sense, Temeluch using the babies. I remember hearing something Belial said in that room…about Lucifer’s death being avenged. You sometime in history destroyed Lucifer, and this was one of Abbadon’s reasons for the war…revenge against you. And,” Ariel added, “…there was something predicted by the Dark Angel, Vassago…the end of the darkness by the new Lord.”

  Ariel described Vassago as an angel who could foresee the future; a ‘discovering angel’, who warned of at least one child…born of God’s two most trusted angels…chosen to take the reins of ruling earth as the Lord stepped down from the throne.

  “From what I could tell, Abbadon and Belial were trying to convince the other Dark Angels to join their quest to destroy you, and the remaining Light Angels that reside on earth, so that the reign of darkness could work its way into all of mankind.”


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved


The Dark Hour Before

 “The belly of hell has never seen a celebration of this magnitude!” Abbadon commented as he addressed the gathering of the elders. Placing his arm on Belial’s shoulder, he offered up a toast; “To the warrior! My brother, who will strike down God’s great warrior and deliver his wings to us on a platter!” After a pause between cheers, he added ; “A toast, to revenge! Revenge for us all!”

  The gathering all raised their glasses in celebration. “Now, we dine and speak of the glory of the future, brothers…enjoy…let tonight be filled with pleasure and ecstasy,” Abbadon entreated. “I offer up the best sex slaves that have ever been damned, enjoy them…call it a gift, they are here for your pleasure!”


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved



I didn’t know what was happening. I once was told that when an angel’s wings were removed, their soul went before God for a meeting, and God determined where that soul would rest; either in a forgotten wasteland, or in peace within heaven’s gates, basically retired. But I watched as my body was being wheeled into a hospital, and I could hear people shouting and yelling, Doctors demanding blood, requests for extra nurses. Still, I could not move or utter a word.

  ‘How did I get here? Wait…there’s Russell, and the others from the FBI…what is going on here?’ I remembered that Belial killed me, at least, but it was all remembered.

Then from beside me, came a bright glow. ‘Michael…do you remember me, and what I do?’ she asked. ‘I am Azrael.’

  ‘Yes, I remember…’ I said in my mind. ‘Ariel said you help in the transition between life and death.’

  ‘That’s correct, Michael…you haven’t died just yet. But you will, in human form. God wants to see you, and it’s the only way’, she insisted.

She hears me, and I hear her, why the hell couldn’t anyone else? ‘I want Ariel!’ I demanded over and over in my mind.

  ‘No, that’s not possible’, she explained.

  ‘I can’t leave Ariel!’ I shouted – or at least tried to. ‘Not now, they will come for her, kill her…and the babies!’

  ‘This is God’s way…when your body gives up, and is dead, we will be allowed to pass’.

  ‘What the hell happened, anyway?’ I asked Azrael.

  ‘During the Dark Hours, God’s powers are weaker than at any other time. He had started working on getting you help, and sent as many of us Light Angels to you as possible…it took longer than usual, because of the Dark Hours, and if not for Belial’s arrogance they would not have made it in time. You would no longer exist in any form. What were you thinking, trying to take on Belial without all of your abilities?’ she asked. ‘It is only thanks to Russell…and half the FBI…helping us, that we were able to get you out of there before Belial had a chance to finish you off. Though I have to admit it was one hell of a fight.’ Azrael laughed. ‘That guy really doesn’t like you!’

  ‘Gabriel…’ I asked, ‘is he…?’

  ‘Yes, Michael, we were too late.’ Azrael answered.

Our conversation was interrupted, as I saw Ariel being led into the area outside of the room where my body was. Her parents and Russell were there, trying to keep her from breaking down the door to get inside the room with me. I could not hear anything, but it broke my heart to see her weep that way, knowing this was all my fault. And I couldn’t even apologize, nor did I think I would have a chance to make it right.

I noticed everyone who had been running around frantic, now seemed to be slowing down. Machines were being turned off and equipment put away. I watched as the one doctor removed his gloves and looked at his watch, then turned and headed out the door to where Ariel was waiting.

Azrael grabbed my hand, saying, ‘It’s time, we can go now’.

But I begged her for a few more minutes. ‘It could be the last time I ever see her…please. Surely he will understand!’ She released her grip as Ariel was escorted in by Russell. Everyone else waited outside in the emergency room.

Ariel tried to dry her tears long enough to get one last look at her Michael.


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved



Mastema!” I cried out Damion’s demonic name, as I walked toward where he was penned, begging already, with blood pouring from his shoulder. “I see you were in the middle of something…”

Mastema only glared up at me, but groaned in discomfort as I began to remove my sword from the wall, just enough to let him drop to the ground. His body hit the floor hard, but my sword remained buried inside him. Russell was removing the third set of wings from the last demon, and we watched as one by one all three started to turn to ash, their souls being sent to go before God for judgment.

“You should have been dead, Michael!” Mastema now screamed. “God broke the rules…he has no honor!”

“Well, I don’t look at it that way…” I preached. “Let’s see…Abbadon killed Temeluch. Abbadon declared war without provocation. Abbadon…and Belial…tried to assassinate me in human form, while I had no powers. Oh…and lets not forget, he sent demons to find me, my wife, and my unborn children…and attempted to kill us all.”

“So, it is true,” Mastema said in shock. “There are chosen ones… Vassago was right.”

“Yes,” I confessed. “And I assure you all that I will pave the way for their birth, and none of you will stand in the way of the future.”

Again God broke the rules!” Mastema shouted at me. “ But, it’s begun…man is too far gone now…you know this. There is too much evil in their hearts, and doubt in their minds. Your God will fail you, and you will die!” Mastema insisted.


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved