Tyler paused, then added with look of confusion, “This is truly uncharted waters…and, you’re both going to think I’m crazy…but, I believe the babies are controlling the dreams.”

  “Well yes, they are!” Ariel shouted. “Didn’t you hear what I said? Temeluch is using them to guide us.”

  “Wait a minute!” I shouted.

  Ariel interrupted me there, “Michael…it all makes sense, Temeluch using the babies. I remember hearing something Belial said in that room…about Lucifer’s death being avenged. You sometime in history destroyed Lucifer, and this was one of Abbadon’s reasons for the war…revenge against you. And,” Ariel added, “…there was something predicted by the Dark Angel, Vassago…the end of the darkness by the new Lord.”

  Ariel described Vassago as an angel who could foresee the future; a ‘discovering angel’, who warned of at least one child…born of God’s two most trusted angels…chosen to take the reins of ruling earth as the Lord stepped down from the throne.

  “From what I could tell, Abbadon and Belial were trying to convince the other Dark Angels to join their quest to destroy you, and the remaining Light Angels that reside on earth, so that the reign of darkness could work its way into all of mankind.”


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved



  1. Not your typical romance novel. All characters seem well thought out, complete with flaws, but well liked. Story line and plot run smoothly and set up nicely for the rest of series. While it has religious overtones, I have never read anything like it before.
    The only thing that I was disappointed with was that there were some proofreading/editing issues that should have been corrected (and given that I was a beta reader and did not read the final, before print copy, it’s possible they have since been corrected).
    I can’t wait to read it again.


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