“The belly of hell has never seen a celebration of this magnitude!” Abbadon commented as he addressed the gathering of the elders. Placing his arm on Belial’s shoulder, he offered up a toast; “To the warrior! My brother, who will strike down God’s great warrior and deliver his wings to us on a platter!” After a pause between cheers, he added ; “A toast, to revenge! Revenge for us all!”

  The gathering all raised their glasses in celebration. “Now, we dine and speak of the glory of the future, brothers…enjoy…let tonight be filled with pleasure and ecstasy,” Abbadon entreated. “I offer up the best sex slaves that have ever been damned, enjoy them…call it a gift, they are here for your pleasure!”


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved


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