Mastema!” I cried out Damion’s demonic name, as I walked toward where he was penned, begging already, with blood pouring from his shoulder. “I see you were in the middle of something…”

Mastema only glared up at me, but groaned in discomfort as I began to remove my sword from the wall, just enough to let him drop to the ground. His body hit the floor hard, but my sword remained buried inside him. Russell was removing the third set of wings from the last demon, and we watched as one by one all three started to turn to ash, their souls being sent to go before God for judgment.

“You should have been dead, Michael!” Mastema now screamed. “God broke the rules…he has no honor!”

“Well, I don’t look at it that way…” I preached. “Let’s see…Abbadon killed Temeluch. Abbadon declared war without provocation. Abbadon…and Belial…tried to assassinate me in human form, while I had no powers. Oh…and lets not forget, he sent demons to find me, my wife, and my unborn children…and attempted to kill us all.”

“So, it is true,” Mastema said in shock. “There are chosen ones… Vassago was right.”

“Yes,” I confessed. “And I assure you all that I will pave the way for their birth, and none of you will stand in the way of the future.”

Again God broke the rules!” Mastema shouted at me. “ But, it’s begun…man is too far gone now…you know this. There is too much evil in their hearts, and doubt in their minds. Your God will fail you, and you will die!” Mastema insisted.


Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved


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