What the hell?!” Abbadon screamed, when he walked in and caught sight of the mess that once was Mastema. His voice could be heard all throughout the belly of Hell. echoing through the caves. “We finally have a chance at finishing what Lucifer never could, and one fuck up can ruin it all!? Belial!!” Belial walked in as Mastema’s wing was being cauterized by Abbadon. “He’s back for sure…” Abbadon said to him. “And, from what I hear, he’s stronger than ever.”

“So what,” Belial boasted. “We have mankind eating out of our hands…which means God’s powers are fading, with every soul we sway. And as for the bastard child, I’ll take a small army and dispose of him immediately.

Mastema pipped up, “He is stronger than the legends say…he took out a small army. I understand he has already taken out several small armies today, not just mine. And the word on the street is that angels are being sent by the dozens to aid him in his quest.”

Abbadon, to Belial’s displeasure, had no choice but to follow his age and wisdom and agree that Michael was an issue, but not the target. “We must stay focused, and find the mother of the chosen ones,” he said. “God is getting weaker by the day…he will not be able to keep her location secret for long.”

Belial was noticeably disturbed by the decision, and stressed his concern, “I can deal with him…just give me the chance!” he begged.

“No. we stay focused,” Abbadon demanded. “I want to be walking into the holy gates by the turn of the full moon. As man pulls away from him, he weakens, and even if we can’t find her in time it won’t matter anyway. God will fall at my feet as a weak, old man! Neither Michael nor the chosen ones will be able to stop us!”

Guardian Of The Sheep

A Paranormal Romance by Ray Smith

LpJ & NightWriters Publishing
All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “INTO THE DARK HOURS

  1. The book is everything it boast to be. I found that I had to force myself to put it down so that i could wake up on time for work the next day! The fast paced style immediately took my attention and kept me asking questions page after page. There is a point where you begin to question traditional thinking and siriusly ask yourself, “Do i really believe in heaven and hell and angels and demons?” and “Dose the bible not speak of a war between good and evil?” If you are into the paranormal side of science fiction this is a book you will definitely enjoy reading. I had no idea that I would enjoy reading it as much as I did. Don’t judge a book by its cover, look for yourself and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find.


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